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Scaling not Scales


I was watching a episode of the Big Bang Theory when this exchange took place between two characters:

Sheldon: “This car weighs, let’s say, 4,000 pounds. Now add 140 for me, 120 for you…”
Penny: “120?!?”
Sheldon: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I insult you ? Is your body mass somehow tied into your self worth?”

I took that comment about tying my self worth to my weight to heart. Whether or not you can tell my weight is still my weight. What I’m doing is not just about lowering the number on the scale. It’s about changing my body from the inside out. Reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, maintaining bone density (loss is an Asmanex side effect), and lastly losing weight to reduce stress on my heart and lungs. I’m not afraid to share where I am, where I’ve been and where I end up. My progress will be reported holistically once a week (I don’t see the point in weighing myself more often than that). I’ll discuss my eating habits next post.

Starting point (1 month ago)
Weight:     196 lbs
Body Fat:  41.1%
Muscle:     32.2%

Today (June 9th)
Weight:     189 lbs
Body Fat:  40.1%
Muscle:     32.7%

So far I have run Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week. I started out with 0.82km (0.52mi) from Monday to Wednesday. On Friday I upped this distance to 1.42km (0.88mi). I’ve been using runningmap to plan out my routes. Next week I hope to increase my distance to 1.7km.

Gotta run!