I fell off again


I felt great after my 2.1km run last week. The aftermath, however, was strange. For the first two days following the run my quads were sore. I hadn’t been sore since the first week I started running but I suppose it was to be expected. On the third day was when the strangeness began. I woke up just before 8am as usual but I as I rose I felt sluggish and my whole body ached. I slept in a bit (which threw my study schedule off) but I didn’t feel any better when I woke up around 10. Throughout the day I felt head-achy and generally unwell. This continued for about two to three days so I stayed in instead of running. I still cannot figure out what was wrong with me it was just a general feeling of malaise.

Unnamed illness combined with the loss of my beloved running partner/study buddy to the dastardly organization “summer camp” kept me from running for a full week (also a factor:  July 4th excess). Today I ran for the first time in a week and it was great! I found it incredibly tiring but I completed the full 2.3km route I mapped! The last 0.5km was the hardest and I did need to use my inhaler once during my cool down walk immediately after I stopped running. I probably could have managed without it but I was very tired and my breathing was labored. I just wanted to feel better faster. All in all a success.

5km here I come!


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