Failing: The Saga Continues


As you can tell from my first couple of posts I started by running almost everyday for a week. While I think it was good for me to do that and get into a mindset of running regularly, I learned that not giving your body time to rest is detrimental. The following week I ran three times, just about every other day sometimes joined by my track star younger sister (-_-). Unfortunately, she is a pain to wake up and sometimes refuses to get up (which is very disheartening and often ruins my motivation) so last week was kind of a bust.

You may have noticed the lag in posts. I’m sorry! Laziness, tiredness and job applications kept me from pounding the pavement. I ran only about twice last week but at least I successfully increased my distance to 1.65km (1.03mi).  Running during summer has presented a challenge I did not account for–heatstroke. So I’ve been checking the temperature forecasts just so I don’t make the mistake of running on dangerously hot days. Thankfully it rained almost daily for the past week so my 8-9AM runs have been cool, even chilly at times (63°C yesterday). I still need to buy myself some active sunscreen for skin protection though. I am also thinking of swimming as a cross training activity. I really hate the smell of chlorine and the inherently unsanitary nature of pools but I like swimming. Oh the sacrifices.

My newest challenge is finding a new neighborhood course. Short or running the same path multiples times to increase my distance my current route is now too short (yay!). It’s only just over a mile and I have surpassed that. I like in a cul-de-sac which is isolated by two major streets so finding a new route will require me walking across a turnpike or running along a sidewalk-less road >_<. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, we’ll see what I decide.

I thought I would share one of my running outfits:



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  1. Don’t let little setbacks hold you back from living a healthier life. You’re doing great…. just make sure to take it in small steps. No need to do it all in one day/one week/one month. The key to improving your health (and not hurting it), is that it’s all about small steps.
    Keep at it! Congrats on your new lifestyle decision!

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