Failing is a part of progress


Two weeks ago when I left the house for what I thought would be my inaugural run I, a career overachiever, was surprisingly (not) overambitious. I bought snazzy new running shoes and planned an “easy” 4km route around my neighborhood. I put on two sports bras and bam! I was soo ready.
I hit a snag trying to make it to the end of my block. “It’s because I don’t want to get into a stride when I have to cross a big road” I told myself. So I walked for a few minutes to a place a decided was a better starting point. So I began: right foot, left foot, inhale, exhale…Stop. “Maybe this spot isn’t so great” I told myself. I walked to a new location, a much better one–no bushes and further from the road. I began again: right foot, left foot, inhale, exhale, right foot, left foot…Stop. “At least this time I made it to the end of the block” I consoled myself, “a very short block”. I sat down on the curb. My leg muscles itched, my boobs hurt, I was out of breath and I had a wicked cramp. “This sucks” I decided. Just when I was about to give up the heavens opened up and a ray of light hit me. Oh wait. That wasn’t light.

I walked home miserable, itchy and suffering from a wicked cramp in what I am sure was this area’s first monsoon. I trudged home soaking wet and defeated. As I walked to my room my mother took one look at my dripping face and drily remarked “don’t you think you over did it?”.

Needless to say I was discouraged. However, I learned and important lesson:  if at first you don’t succeed go home and regroup!

They say insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results and I am inclined to agree. I went home realizing that there were things very wrong with my approach to 5k training. Namely I was out of breath, my clothing sucked and I needed to have a challenging but far more reasonable route.

Getting back on my feet
I was pretty demoralized and I liked the idea of sleeping in so over a week passed before I hit the pavement again. However, in the time that passed I figured out how to solve some of my issues.

1) Out of breath too easily-Asthma! Duh!  I set alarms that reminded me to use my control inhaler twice a day. Part of the reason a let over a week pass was because it takes time for the medicine to kick in. I also began the hunt for my rescue inhaler in the packed up remnants of my former life (all my stuff is still in boxes from moving back home).

2) Boobs hurt while running- I went to Marshalls clothing store on a mission:  to find supportive but budget friendly sportswear. Success! I came home with  two high impact running tank tops with built in sports bras and an additional sports bra with underwire to wear under them. Why two bras? I’m a DD do you want me to hurt myself? Busty girl problems.

3) Clothing sucked- the two sports bra tank tops plus one long pair of fitted running pants and a pair of running shorts. In hindsight the long pants were a fantastic investment. They are very comfortable, stretchy and light but firm without making me look weird plus the small horizontal pocket in the back just fits my 3 house keys. I wish I bought two, I may go back.

Thankfully I already had my snazzy running shoes so I didn’t have to shell out more cash.


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