Learning to Breathe


Three weeks ago I graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in Chemistry and asthma. File:Tufts University logo.svg

Having invested all my money (and my health) in college for the past four years I embraced my first school-less summer with excitement. I decided I would have fun (!), enjoy new hobbies (!!) AND take better care of myself (…).

One year ago I learned that I have adult onset asthma. It kind of made my world crumble at the corners. Having an inhaler  was something that I awkwardly idealized as a child (braces too) but as an adult they filled me dread. The thought of being chronically ill, dealing with inhaled steroid medication side effects, and the cost of prescriptions made me miserable. So from September 2011 to May 2012 I did not treat my asthma. In that period of time I got bronchitis, twice, missed about 3 weeks of classes and wheezed my way through winter. It took my older sister warning me of the damage untreated asthma does to the body to get me to start treating it again. I also read up on side effects and spoke to my doctor about them. Taking my meds was a good start but I realized the road to better health would take more effort.

I’m only 21 I should be in peak physical health. I’m not sure why I developed asthma and I may always have it but I do not need to suffer from it. That brings me to the purpose of the blog: to take me, an inactive asthmatic, from a sedentary blob to a 5km runner by the end of this summer. I always hated running for the sake of it. I found it weird and masochistic. But armed with a will to become active, fit and lose weight in a healthy way I am taking running by storm, one kilometer at a time!


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